Wednesday, December 06, 2006

3D Dance/Lipsync

This was the 3D final for first semester, second year, digital animation.

My first REAL animation with my character.

3D Walk Cycle

A 3d walk cycle that i did in second year to show that i could animate a character's body using 3d knowledge.

3D Lipsync

This is one of the 3D animations that i did in second year, to show that i could do a lipsync, and knew how to animate different mouth movements to make a character talk.

Sound of Water

This is the final illustration project for my second year, first semester of the digital animation program.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Global Warming

An assignment to make a movie poster that advertises Global Warming.

Character Hyperbole

This one was an exaggeration of my character.

Wrath of Chloe

This is a painter project that i did, which was based on pathos.

Monday, October 02, 2006


This is where i will be posting all of my animations for you to view, it is easy to access, just click the link and choose an animation.

- Enjoy

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Another painter piece that i did.

We were given an overhead layout on a piece of paper, that had only basic shapes on it, and an arrow to mark the point of view, and we had to turn it into a modern roman layout.

Trying to get the right codes on this one was kind of tough, so there was a bit of research done for it.

LEAVES (still life)

I did this one in painter, it was just experimenting with different medias.


And one with an expression.


We also had to do self portraits.

One with no expresion


This was a sketchbook drawing for life drawing also.

This time we had to study different positions of the hands.


This is another sketchbook drawing that i did for life drawing.

Trying to get different positions of the feet was the assignment.


I did this one a little more rough.


This is some life drawing that i did for my sketchbook.

This one is done with pencil first, then the pen and ink using the nib pen.

I like to keep the basic shapes in there after i'm finnished, it shows how i mapped everything out.


This was the midterm assignment in 3d

We had to find a piece of digital art that we liked on the internet, and we had to make our own version of it in 3d, using the same style, and textures, but switching it around a bit.


Yet another 3d assignment done in maya.


This is another 3d assignment done in the animation course.


This is a 3d project that i did in the animation course, it started out as an assignment just to have a table, a chair, and a couch in the room, no color or texture added.

I took it upon myself to take this one a bit further.


This is a drawing that i did a while ago.

It as before i knew how to properly map out the face.

Moonlit Forest

I absoulutely LOVE to work in photoshop and painter. This piece was done in photoshop, for a BG for an animation i did.

I always find that if you finnish things up with the blender, you get that really nice soft, suttle feeling in your picture.

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